Who we Are

The Women's Institute for Alternative Development (WINAD) was founded in 1999 and introduced its Inter-generational Women's Leadership Programme in the same year.

This programme partner girls with mature, conscious women who provide guidance and together they build sisterhood. The Big Sisters are leaders in the media, business, trade unions, politics, law, NGOs, education, culture and social development.

Our Objectives

  • Build sisterhood among women.
  • Promote women's participation in all decision making processes.
  • Promote respect for women's human rights and for gender justice
  • Promote initiatives to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women
  • Promote initiatives to encourage women's conscious and collective action.
  • Promote initiatives for the social and political transformation of our society.
  • Collaborate with State and Non State Actors to build a just society.
  • Develop alternative learning and social institutions.

Our Purpose Statement

We advance the rights of women and girls through thought-leadership, mentoring, quality service delivery, and stakeholder engagement.


Gender, Security and Justice

All aspects of WINAD's work are influenced by the principles of the gender framework. Members are trained in gender analysis and the outreach projects are designed with the intention of introducing and or enhancing gender analysis of situations.

As the initiator of the discussion on small arms in the Caribbean, WINAD has also introduced a gender perspective to understanding this phenomenon by urging States and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to pursue the gendered dimensions of the problem and to utilise gender analysis for research and policy responses.


The Inter-Generational Women's Leadership Programme was instituted to build women's leadership; provide transformational leadership for Trinidad and Tobago; build sisterhood and provide for the Women's Movement in the country.

This programme offers workshops on various issues such as globalization, self awareness, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, political participation, violence, , human rights, feminist theorizing, media, advocacy, spirituality and environment. Workshops are facilitated by WINAD members and associates

In July 2001, WINAD introduced "The Hazel Medina Young Women's Leadership Programme". This programme is intended to train young women in issues of human rights, women's leadership and gender and development, including feminist research methodologies. It promotes feminist research as a tool for addressing women's issues and other social phenomenon.

Ours to Honour is a tribute to women who have served the Caribbean in many and varied ways. The project celebrates selected women's lives for a period of one year by focusing on their achievements through activities in the mass media and throughout WINAD's network.

Women selected for this honour so far are:

Elma Francois - Trade unionist

Professor Rhoda Reddock - Head, Centre for Gender and Development Studies, University of the West Indies,

St Augustine

Professor Eudine Barriteau - Head, Centre for Gender and Development Studies, University of the West Indies,

Cave Hill

Gun Violence

WINAD's small arms control work began in 2001 with an internal attempt to analyse the increasing gun violence in Trinidad and Tobago. The work continued in 2002 when the organisation hosted a national meeting for the State and NGOs in a further attempt to explore and analyse the impact that gun violence was having on the society. This meeting was followed by a regional meeting of ten countries from the Caribbean and Latin America. The conference called for regional research to be conducted.

WINAD has collaborated with community organisations to raise awareness about the social impact of gun violence and to develop intervention strategies.

In 2003, WINAD collaborated with the American Friends Service Committee and the Quaker UN Office to host a round table for Caribbean NGOs to formulate a plan of action for cooperation in the region.

In this same year, WINAD partnered with the Pan American Health Organisation, East Port of Spain Council of Community Organisations, Success Laventille Networking Committee and Desperadoes Steel Orchestra to mobilise women in Laventille (a community plagued by gun violence) for discussions on the impact of gun violence on women's lives.

Other initiatives include the following activities and research papers:

2004 - No Guns for Christmas media campaign

2005 - Gang/Community Leaders Meeting

2006 - A Human Security Concern: The Traffick, Use and Misuse of Small Arms and Light Weapons in the Caribbean

2007 - Youth, Peace and Justice schools based project

2007 - Caribbean Dynamics Related to Agreeing and Implementing Global Principles for Small Arms Transfers

2008 - Small Arms Proliferation and Misuse: Towards a Caribbean Plan of Action

In September 2006, WINAD mobilised civil society partners from across the region and following two days of discussions and analysis, the Caribbean Coalition of Civil Society Organisations was formed. The participating countries are: Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago. Following the formation of the Coalition, members embarked on a study tour to Brazil visiting favelas and NGOs in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro.

The Coalition lobbied CARICOM governments to support the Resolution on the Arms Trade Treaty which was debated and voted on in the First Committee of the United Nations in October 2006. The resolution won overwhelming international support with all CARICOM governments supporting the resolution. Six CARICOM governments co-sponsored the resolution. They are: Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia and Belize.


WINAD has worked with groups within Trinidad and Tobago, Latin America, North America and Europe. The local organisations include, Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), Friends for Life (FFL), Advocates for the Poor, East Port of Spain Council of Community Organisations, Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, Trinidad Youth Council, CARICOM Task Force on Crime and Security, Tobago Youth Council, Disabled Women's Network, Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), Catholic Commission for Social Justice, Performing Artistes, Ministry of National Security, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, Estate Police Association, CAFRA, Gayelletv and Radio i95.5fm, UNICEF.

Other partners have been Arias Foundation (Costa Rica), Project Ploughshares (Canada), Viva Rio (Brazil), Small Arms Survey (Switzerland) www.smallarmssurvey.org , Quaker UN Office, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). WINAD is a member of the International Action Networkon Small Arms (IANSA) and the Arms Trade Treaty Steering Committee. http://www.coppyanu.com/; Arias Foundation http://www.arias.or.cr/; ControlArms Campaginhttp://www.controlarms.org; American Friends Service Committeehttp://www.afsc.org


WINAD continues to research and write on issues related to arms control such as human security, gender and violent crime in the Caribbean.


Gender equality, respect for human rights, protection and security by the State, citizen participation in decision making and safer communities.


WINAD has developed a number of projects in pursuance of its goal to sensitise the population about issues affecting human development. These projects have ranged from interventions in schools, communities and State institutions.

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